Magnetized Water


You can help yourself (or your loved ones) with this fluidically or spiritually magnetized water that you can make right now in front of the specific area of this web page. The method of magnetizing water described here (the original terminology is preserved) is based on successful healing practices of Spiritist groups of Brazil, USA, and other countries.


This is not ordinary water, because it has been saturated with beneficial fluids (psi-molecules) originated in the spiritual world under the guidance of the Spiritual Benefactors.


The similar water experiments were performed by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s (Masaru Emoto, July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014, a Japanese author, researcher, photographer and entrepreneur who said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water).


NBPersonal photographs and any other personal information uploaded/entered on this web page, for water magnetizing purpose (personal details are needed for more effective healing) are never cached, stored, or visible on the server side. These photographs and any other information related to a patient are viewable from your personal computer (device) only.

Please read all the rules for magnetizing water first. You can find them right below the patient information text entry area.

Put a container of water in front of: Dr. Bezerra de Menezes YouTube video and the photograph of the patient that you uploaded to display beside the video. You can use a pile of books as a stand (or anything else that helps). Do not forget to type a patient’s name and other relevant information (a patient’s address, etc., so the benevolent spirits can see it, it’s important) in the text entry area below the video. Read the rules below about what to do before starting the video.


Please upload (to your screen only) a photo of the patient (so you can look at it during spiritual magnetizing of water) clicking Browse… button.


Prepare a clean one-liter clear glass jar or a bottle (no jar/bottle labels attached). Fill it with clean water. If, after magnetizing, you cover it or put a lid on it, do so with a white cloth, not a metal cap or a cork.

Say a prayer anointed with love (any prayer you like, just do it sincerely) on the day of working with water (at any time before the magnetizing procedure). You can also use the powerful Prayer of Repentance from our website, if you feel you need it.

You can perform water magnetization in three different ways (all of them will work):

  1. With a little or no effort from your side (e.g., you do not have enough time to spend on this process). Time needed to complete – approx. 5 min.
    Sit and relax. Make sure all your thoughts are pure. Feel inner gratitude toward God and good spirits. Forgive your enemies, send love to them (Why? Because: Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy). Humbly ask God and all the benevolent spirits to assist you in your endeavour.

    In the beginning say: “Dear God, please, allow good spirits to bestow their health-giving fluid into this water, so it may transmit it to this ill person” (or “to me”, if you are a patient).

    After that, start Dr. Bezerra de Menezes YouTube video, and look at: water, photo of the patient (or your own photo, if you’re magnetizing water for your own recovery), the video, and the patient’s information. While watching the video (3:24 min.), put your intention into the water for whatever purpose you desire. Do it emotionally, as much as you can (if you have tears flowing down, it’s a good sign). After the video finished, spiritual magnetizing is done. Give thanks to God and all the benevolent spirits. You can use the spiritually magnetized water right away or at any time later, it’s been saturated with curative fluids.

    P.S. You do not have to understand Brazilian Portuguese for this method to work. Just mentally ask Dr. Bezerra de Menezes for help in magnetizing your water (state a purpose), and your subconscious mind will automatically send this plea to him and his healing group of spirits. They will hear you right away.

  2. When a matter is important for you, but not extremely urgent
    Time needed to complete – approx. 10 min.

    To the procedure # 1 add the following prayer before starting to magnetize the water:

    PRAYER (if you are the patient):

    O Lord, you are wholly just; I must have deserved the illness you saw fit to send me, for you make no one suffer without cause. I deliver myself to your infinite mercy to be healed; if it pleases you to restore me to health, may your holy name be blessed. On the other hand, if I must suffer some more, may your name be blessed just the same. I surrender myself without complaint to your divine decrees, for everything you do can have no other purpose than to be for the good of your creatures.

    O God, enable this illness to be a healthy warning to me and to lead me to make a self-assessment. I accept it as an expiation for the past and as a trial for my faith and submission to your holy will.

    PRAYER (on behalf of the patient):

    O God, your designs are impenetrable, and in your wisdom you have deemed it right to afflict [person’s name] with illness. I pray that you will cast your compassionate gaze upon his/her suffering and deign to put an end to it.

    Good spirits, ministers of the Almighty. I ask you to second my desire for his/her relief. Direct my thought so that it may pour out a healthy balm over his/her body and consolation on his /her soul.

    Inspire him/her with patience and submission to God’s will. Give him/her the strength to endure his/her pain with humble resignation so that he/she may not lose the fruit of this trial.

    Continue watching the video 3 consecutive times or more.

  3. If the goal of healing is of extreme importance to you (removing the possible obsessing spirit). Time needed to complete – approx. 15 min.

    Spirits have primary agency in almost all cases of illness (especially in schizophrenia or other psychotic state, since one’s own spirit has been displaced by an obsessing spirit or spirits).

    Like all the illnesses and tribulations of life, obsessions must be regarded as a trial or an expiation, and be accepted as such.

    It is necessary to expel the evil pernicious fluid with the aid of a healing fluid, but it is not enough; it is also and especially necessary to act upon the obsessive intelligent being.


    To the procedure # 2 add the following prayers before starting to magnetize the water:

    PRAYER (if you are the patient):

    Dear God, allow good spirits to free me from the evil spirit that has attached itself to me. If it is an act of vengeance that it is pursuing for the wrongs I might have committed against it in the past, you have allowed it, dear God, for my punishment, and I bear the consequence of my wrong. May my repentance merit your forgiveness and my deliverance! Bur whatever its reason may be, I ask chat your mercy be upon it. Deign to make easier its path of progress, which will divert its thought from doing evil. On my part, may I repay evil with goodness, thereby leading it to better sentiments.

    Bur I also know, dear God, that it is my imperfections that have rendered me accessible to the influence of imperfect spirits. Give me the necessary enlightenment to recognize them; especially, combat within me the pride that blinds me toward my own faults.

    How unworthy I must be to have allowed an evil spirit to dominate me!

    Dear God, may this blow to my vanity serve as a lesson for the future; may it strengthen me in the resolution I have made to purify myself through the practice of goodness, charity and humility so that from now on I may set up a barrier to evil influences.

    Lord, give me strength to bear this trial with patience and resignation. I understand that, just like all other trials, it will aid my advancement if I do not ruin its fruits by complaining, since it furnishes me the opportunity to show my submission and to practice charity toward an unhappy brother/sister by forgiving the evil he/she has done to me.

    PRAYER (on behalf of the patient):

    Almighty God, deign to give me the ability to set [person’s name] free from the spirit who is obsessing him/her. If it is in your designs to put an end to this trial, grant me the grace to speak to this spirit with the necessary authority.

    Good spirits, may you assist me, and you, my guardian angel, may you lend me your concourse. Help me unburden him/her of the impure fluid enveloping him/her.

    In the name of Almighty God, I entreat the evil spirit tormenting him/her to withdraw.

    PRAYER (for the obsessing spirit):

    God of infinite goodness, I implore your mercy for the spirit who is obsessing [person’s name]. Enable it to glimpse the divine light so that it may see the path of error it has taken. Good spirits, help me make it understand that it has everything to lose by doing evil and everything to gain by doing good.

    May the spirit who has been raking pleasure in tormenting [person’s name] listen to me because I am speaking to you in God’s name.

    If you would think about it, you would understand that evil cannot prevail over the good, and that you cannot be stronger than God and the good spirits.

    They can protect [person’s name] from any blow on your part, and if they have not done so, it was because he/she has had a trial to endure. But when this trial reaches its end, they will block all your actions against him/her. Instead of harming him/her, the evil you have done will have served for his/her advancement, and for that he/she will be nothing but happy. Thus, your wickedness will have been a plain loss for you and will rebound against you.

    God, who is All Powerful, and the high order spirits, his delegates, who are more powerful than you, shall thus put an end to this obsession when they wish, and your tenacity shall break before this supreme authority. However, because God is good, he wants to leave to you the merit for having ceased through your own free will. It is a respire that is being granted to you; if you do not take advantage of it, you will suffer its deplorable consequences; great punishments and cruel sufferings await you; you will be forced to beg for the mercy and prayers of your victim, who has already forgiven and prays for you, which is a great merit in God’s eyes and will hasten his/her deliverance.

    So, think about it while there is still time, for God’s justice will strike you like all other rebellious spirits. Realize that the evil you are doing now will surely have a limit, whereas if you persist in your obstinacy, your suffering will increase without ceasing.

    When you were on the earth, did you not find it foolish to sacrifice a great good for the tiny satisfaction of one moment? The same applies now that you are a spirit. What will you gain by what you are doing? The sad pleasure of tormenting someone, which does not keep you from being unhappy, no matter what you might say; it will only render you even unhappier.

    Moreover, look at what you are losing; look at the good spirits around you and see if their situation is not preferable to yours. The happiness they enjoy will be your lot whenever you wish. What must you do? Pray to God and do good instead of evil. I know that you cannot change all of a sudden, but God does not ask what is impossible; what he wants is goodwill. So try it and we will help you. Make it so that soon we will be able to say for you the prayer for repentant spirits and no longer rank you among the evil ones as you wait for the time when you can be counted among the good ones.

    Continue watching the video 3 consecutive times or more.


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