The Academy Award- and Tony Award-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones had been obsessed for several years with playing a drug lord – ‘Cocaine Godmother’ Griselda Blanco. Unfortunately, this state of mind (attunement to the low vibration subjects) increased a swarm of real obsessing spirits around her.

A spirit that perturbs a person, (click the picture above to see what the human eye sees) generally considered as an inferior earthbound entity or obsessor, is, in reality, someone who was caught up in the net of his own suffering. While in the physical body, he lived under the pressure of events that led him to rebellion and to the consequent repression of many conflicting emotions from which even death could not liberate him.

Unable to meet the responsibility for his failures he simply transfers it to someone else who, for one reason or another, interfered negatively with the mechanics of such failures. It is much more convenient for him to find reasons for his misery in imaginary criminals than to admit the heavy load of personal responsibility that must stay where it belongs, that is, on his shoulders, for according to the law of cause and effect the consequences of what we do return to us inevitably.

After death he wanders in the mist of unconsciousness, his centers of discernment dulled by the dense vibrations that the many dissipations and follies of physical life created around him. His reasoning is never lost, though; and he could overcome his confused state if he so wished. But, because he is revolted and wants to find a scapegoat, he attaches himself, by way of attunement, to the person who, in the past (in the present life or in the past lives), had got involved in his troubles.

But the obsessor’s mind is a troubled and confused one. Although he tries to dodge responsibility he, at the same tune, carries along deep inside himself what we may call the source of his guilt that works as actual plugs through which he connects himself with the mind of the person he considers his offender. This is the mechanics of many obsessive mental disorders which may flow into irreversible subjugations.

Cases of violent, obstinate, domineering aggression may occur, and the sick person falls helplessly under the mental and physical power of the obsessor.

Taken to rescue circles, the obsessor is nursed back into mental lucidity and is shown the way back to the happiness he thought he had lost forever.

The circle members gently help him understand the lofty plans of Creation, and encourage him to leave those who have hurt him to the judgement of the Universal Consciousness, which no one is ever to escape.

Leaving the past behind, he now undertakes his own rehabilitation through the many opportunities that come and go with time, this marvelous friend of everybody.

In other cases, the entity’s mind was for so long focused on a destructive idea that it produced serious lacerations in the delicate tissues of the perispirit; his spiritual balance is then greatly affected, and he is unable to participate consciously in the process of his own liberation from the obsession process. When this happens, the Spirit Instructors work upon the psychic centers of the entity, leading him into a state of hypnotic sleep, or resort to other methods of similar efficiency in order to give the damaged centers a chance to be restored.

In most rescue séances it is possible to use the age regression technique in the spirit patient (the obsessor), leading him to review past situations to which he is connected in order to show him that the responsibility for his troubles is his own and nobody else’s. Only then is he able to understand his mistake and see that his attitude is working as a disturbing agent to his spiritual reality, hindering his progress and ascent.


There are obsessors that, for a time, give themselves up to the fascination of cruelty and indulge themselves in it, blinded and maddened by despair and helplessness. Then they linger for a long time in their insanity, while their consciences, excited by lower impulses, change the direction of their thoughts and focus them on a single object: their victim. They make a sad mistake, though, because, by tormenting the one they consider an enemy, they actually become enemies of themselves, since the evil we do comes back to us, sooner or later.


Such entities – who eventually will be caught in the subtle nets of Divine Laws – build up vicious organizations in the Dark Regions of the Lower Planes from where they spread their influence throughout many places of suffering and perturbation on the earth plane, attuning also to idle minds, and to guilty, stubborn, rebel and indifferent persons. They establish a close relationship with these minds, starting serious, long, obsessive processes that sometimes last for a whole lifetime on the earth plane, and continue in the Spirit World after the obsessed’s death.

These inferior earthbound entities organize themselves in bands and fight for leading positions as they would on the earth plane, in actual battles in which they annihilate themselves. Their motivation is a powerful ambition which ends up in an empty ephemeral illusion. They lack the strength to control themselves but are always tormented by the lust for power.

Their evil, degraded minds, in molding the subtle tissues of their astral bodies, completely alter their appearance the better to frighten those submitted to them. In their insanity, they believe themselves to be small gods competing with the True God. Some of them still carry in their subconscious, the old religious myth of Hell and its Devils, and they mold their spirit bodies to suit the thought forms they are firmly focused on.

Many of them, poor brothers who went astray from the road to redemption, become unconscious instruments of Divine Justice which they pretended to ignore and to affront. They also obsess other discarnate entities like themselves, who in turn become obsessors of incarnate people, setting up a very complex circle of communal living, exploiting one another physically and psychically.

Every obsessor, however, is a brother of ours in the spiritual rearguard, where most of us have also been in the past. They need compassion and mercy; prayer and positive thoughts from all who are devoted to rescue work. We must offer them the opportunity for renewal, and point out to them the luminous road they must travel, guided by the lights of their spiritual discernment, in order to free themselves from the suffering through which they atone for their past errors.

Happenings as this usually invite man to ponder seriously over the meaning of life, leading him into the search for spiritual values.

Usually, in addition to the spirit entities directly involved in the process, idle or wicked entities surround the obsessed incarnate, intensifying his alienation. When the vengeful obsessor has a powerful mind he is able to scare the other entities away, because they fear him. But in most cases the obsessed person suffers a constricting control by the obsessor, and is likewise perturbed by other inferior entities attracted to the obsessed by the laws of affinity, because they possess similar mental problems.

No rescue work can succeed unless one considers both obsessed and obsessor as worthy of love and assistance. This is because both contenders are involved in the same problem and are equally unhappy. The obsessor is even more miserable; first because he is intoxicated by his own hatred, and second because the law of cause and effect will force him to meet his guilt some day. So, let us pity the evildoers because “they know not what they do”.

By fervent prayer family members can get a quick guidance from benevolent Spirits on how to help the obsessed person (and the obsessor too).

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