Like his character, Doctor House, Hugh Laurie has wrestled with bouts of major depression. A friend, Joely Richardson, said the Laurie she sees has two sides to him: one “who dances around and cracks jokes, tangos all over the place” and “the other side: tortured, dark.

NBWe are not on Earth to suffer, but to evolve, our karma can be removed, not only through suffering, but also through positive experiences in love, goodness, integral health, applied to our own benefit as well as in favor of our neighbors. Karma is an ever-changing process that depends on a person’s behavior. All misfortunes could change if individuals would only resolve to modify their attitudes, enhancing and developing them for the general good, and consequently their own.

The extraphysical intruder that was acting on him is not doing that anymore, and left him, completely cured. We still must continue with the traditional treatment, considering that the patient’s body had been affected. The neuropeptides were working very poorly, and as a consequence, the neurocommunications were deficient. That happens because of the interfering energy that is received by the patient’s brain. After this course the patient did not present any more symptoms.

Can negative thoughts create holes in one’s aura and let in extraphysical consciousnesses with low vibrations?
Inferior thoughts may unbalance the individual’s aura by facilitating the interference of inferior extraphysical consciousnesses. However, as soon as the patient recognizes this fact, he/she must keep elevated thoughts and practice noble actions. Therefore, he/she will recover the control of the situation and will change the individual’s vibrational field that envelopes him/her. That will defend the individual from external aggressions.

The best way of expelling bad extraphysical consciousnesses is to attract good ones, by doing all the good you can; the bad ones will then go away, for good and evil are incompatible. Be always good, and you will have only good extraphysical consciousnesses (clarification assistants, mentors, helpers) about you.

Any therapies with the goal to cease mental disorders will have to reach their roots in order to eradicate them. In this manner, they will liberate the damaged nuclei of the psyche and restore the affected vibratory harmony.

Love is the efficient antidote for all suffering, preventing it, minimizing it or changing its structure. Love constitutes a tool to alter the karmic landscapes of intraphysical consciousness, modifying the panels of future sufferings (preventing, minimizing or liberating them) according to the intensity of one’s action.

Love is always the best counselor in all circumstances.

Enlivened by love, humans radiate life-giving energy that constantly renews them and changes the landscape around them for the better.

The assistance of human love attenuates mental illness intensity, altering the circumstances and providing the lenitive of balance or health.

When facing extreme karmas, love is the exact resource to work on the law of compensation or cause and effect, altering this law for better or giving it the sense of happiness.

Replace the destructive and disturbing impulse with the edifying and noble one.

In the root of any neurotic disturbance lies a moral conflict.

True health depends on inner serenity, emotional equilibrium, esthetic, artistic, cultural, and religious aspirations.

Insist and persevere. Divine help makes itself present in the individual who aspires for happiness.

Think with righteousness, even when circumstances and people suggest another way.

Rightness is necessary at every step of human life.

A well-driven emotion becomes a dynamo, stimulus and strength generator for expressive achievements.

It is not enough simply to ask God to help you. You have to do your part; otherwise you will achieve very little or nothing at all.

Reach into people’s latent goodness, seeking to tune in to that frequency of life.


NBPsychological disposition for behavioral renovation influences the Laws of Cause and Effect. Even the smallest good intention makes noticeable positive changes in individual’s life.

No one can hinder growth towards God (Cosmoethics) which is the fatality of Life.

Intruding interferences give rise to complex and grave pathological charts.

When ego predominates in human nature, more sufferings are present due to irreflexion, psychological immaturity, unbalances related to the values of personality. Suffering inevitably happens as a consequence of the human behavior. The antidote of all sufferings resides in directing mind to goodness, ideal and love.

Modify the structure of forthcoming days by means of today’s conduct. Your today’s trials and expiations arise from your past thoughts and attitudes. The difficulty of today is the effect of the folly of the past.

There are are some trials that are inevitable because they proceed from excesses in previous lifetimes. Nevertheless, through uplifting mental and humane constructions, they may be changed, mitigated and even released, because healthy acts garner merit for overcoming harmful ones.

Loving yourself means perfecting yourself conscientially, emotionally and physically.

Every achievement starts in the mind. Designed on the mental plane, it materializes at the first opportunity. Over time, their (human beings’) innermost aspirations materialize and surprise them, sometimes unexpectedly.

The Divine Source of energy is reached through prayer. God responds through intuition about what to do and how to do it. Prayer also attracts the good extraphysical consciousnesses, who act as God’s instruments for solving many human problems.

Endless messages are directed from the mind to the body, producing habits that take root, replacing those that are responsible for disharmony and disease.

The cultivation of ideas derived from the lower passions causes disorders that alienate and brutalize.

NBAll individuals go down the same paths and experience similar challenges. With each test, people are promoted or held back for the fixation of the learning experience. Each person ascends by means of self-abnegation.

Since suffering has a variety of causes, every effort to mitigate it without removing them will work only as a palliative and postponement.

NBThe psychotropic drugs may provide temporary symptomatic relief, but they do not restore the desired balance of serotonin and other neurotransmitters if the preserving source (which is entirely governed by the human consciousness) does not emit the force that sustains the body.

NBFirst-time cosmoethics offenders are submitted to trials (bearable pains – neither overly-distressing imperatives nor irreversible traumatic situations), whereas repeat offenders are subject to exacting expiation (irrecusably imposed corrective “surgery”).

While trials constitute a form of reparative suffering that leads to advancement, expiations only restore lost equilibrium, leading wrongdoers back to the situation they were in before their tragic failure.

Cancer of the consciousness is selfishness.

Those who do not act wrongly do not have to repeat the experience, retrace their steps, or pay back debts… Our today depicts our previous actions and our tomorrow will be the result of our present ones.


Energy is present everywhere, waiting for thought to command and direct it.

Also, mental emissions sent in one direction or another foster attunement with extraphysical consciousnesses of a corresponding energy pattern.

NBThinking rightly promotes psychological harmony and attunement with the extraphysical benefactors of humankind. On contact with them, individuals draw health-supporting energy, which will act on the causes of sufferings, altering their duration and effects.

Bioenergy (Life Energy/Force, Chi, Ki, Prana, etc.) can be directed through prayer, concentration, meditation and good sentiments to benefit others and oneself, utilizing it for recovery of one’s health, peace and well-being, and for high-minded goals. The results will not be immediate, of course, but they will come in due time.

Only by believing in their own potential and putting forth the effort to express it, despite the obstacles, can patient or his/her family members successfully help him/herself or their loved ones.

Nothing happens by chance. “Chance” is a wise law, which manifests itself through unknown mechanisms that are previously programmed.


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