James McAvoy Jr. as a famous extraphysical communicator and mind reader Professor Charles Xavier in the movie X-Men.

Our beliefs and disbeliefs do not alter the facts of life to suit our prejudices.

Insanity due to intrusion looms high among the many disorders that plague mankind nowadays.

The number of intruded people on the earth plane is much larger than anyone might think. They are found alone, in groups, or in whole communities…

A new generation of researchers are beginning to report that conscientiotherapy (and also all similar therapies) do make a noticeable positive difference as a complementary / integrative therapy.

A period of greater unrest was observed in the hospitalized patients when they did not have consciential assistance available.

Mocking smile… impatient behavior… He was under the control of a herd of rioters of the extraphysical dimension who, connected to him by means of their similar pattern of feelings (aggressive temper), were using him as a puppet to create turmoil and aggression.

They (extraphysical intruding consciousnesses) also intended to cause as much trouble as possible to the hospital, for its conscientiotherapy medical approach was seen as an obstacle to their malignant plans.

Schizophrenics are simply sick, ignorant extraphysical communicators who are heavily indebted because of acting with ill will towards others in previous lives, and misusing their psychic gifts.

Can you imagine the challenge of working in a mental health care system that does not consider that extraphysical consciousnesses can influence people in adverse ways?

He was thoroughly dominated by a group of extraphysical villains, who kept repeating in unison that, if he was undecided about fulfilling their demands, he’d better die, because “on the other side” he’d be much more useful to them.

It’s not easy to deal with patient’s ignorance of and resistance to consciential healing. It shows how important patience, attention, and love are in mental health therapy.

I now understood the uselessness of psychiatry devoid of the notions of the consciousness. So, because of the limitations of traditional methods and academic prejudices, many mental patients could not be helped.

During each meeting more negative intruding consciousnesses were detached from him.

The use of consciential treatment has been crucial for this patient. He resisted all possible approaches until consciential assistance was offered.

Thoughts are seeds of illness or health.

Psychological health requires a moral transformation.

Everyone must strive to become a little better each day.

Her parents glowed with pride, their hearts filled with the delusive happiness sought by everybody on the Earth Plane, which, being in itself transient, lasts only a short while, not unlikely to leave traces of an inexplicable bitterness behind.

Nobody is ever abandoned by Divine Mercy. Something or somebody always becomes the instrument of Higher Extraphysical Beings in their attempt to help the poor mental patients more effectively.

However, Rosangela’s vibrations were able to neutralize the intruder’s aggressiveness, for the entity could not help submitting to the nurse’s MORAL SUPERIORITY (!)   Moral superiority.

Walk through life with the honest purpose to serve, without the slightest shadow of personal interest. The road we propose to follow is named Charity.

Life is to give, not to take.  

Long ago, Jean, I learned that LIFE IS TO GIVE, not to take. Let me give.
And in return, promise me that you will give, also. Remember to love each other, always. There’s scarcely anything else in life but that.

Substitute self-denial for greed, moral continence for lust, simplicity for pride. A very long road all of us still have to travel before we find the long sought happiness. On this continuous journey, we shall correct our errors and adjust grievances we once left scattered by the roadside. At the same time, we plant flowers of joy and good deeds which, in time, will stand for us as witness of our good intentions. Real victory belongs to those who forgive and serve, avoid evil and devote themselves to good, appease sorrows and restore confidence.

In fact they were themselves under the influence of extraphysical consciousnesses (helpers) who had magnetized them, so they would listen.

He began to tune in with the revolted extraphysical consciousnesses that were harassing his home as part of the context created by Esther’s intruder. Rosangela, who had acted as a channel for divine help, had actually been driven out of the Santamaria’s home through the influence of those vindictive extraphysical consciousnesses also present at the meeting.

The skirmish is our resting place, difficulty our challenge, and suffering our badge of honour. Suffering is a blessing and a way to consciential ascent.

Many times our past crimes will rise before us converted into the unavoidable need for reparation: a mental imbalance.

If we set our hands to work, there will be no occasion for despair, accomodation in self-pity, or temptation to run away.

There is no alternative but to serve unceasingly. Miracles are accomplished through hard work carried on patiently.

His emotional turmoil that morning had been carefully arranged by vengeful extraphysical consciousnesses who wanted to create all sorts of difficulties for the family, using a patient as their scapegoat.

I have seen many ‘incurable’ patients recover from depression and schizophrenia. We consider this quite natural, because in fact such patients were, for karmic reasons, intruded by ignorant earthbound extraphysical consciousnesses.

Man casts the shadows of his moral development about him, purifying or polluting his surroundings according to his cosmoethics development.

Your incredulity only affects yourself, it does not change the reality of God.

Evidently, the forces of Good had won their first battle, and the river of Divine Mercy channelled its course towards a patient. Esther’s total recovery will depend upon the direction she gives her own life from now on.

What kind of treatment should, then, be prescribed for the persons suffering from severe intrusions and excruciating diseases? There is an infallible method: faith, the appeal to Heaven. If, in the peak of your sufferings, you pray joyfully to the Lord, the angel at your bedside will point out with his hand the signal of your salvation and the place shall be yours…

Time is very important in such cases. If we want to avoid an irreversible conditioning for the patient and the onset of complex injuries to her brain, we have to act promptly.

She was familiar with some of the methods employed by the Forces of Darkness. They were trying to discourage anyone whom they might consider an obstacle to the fulfillment of their sordid aims.

The disarticulated nuclei in the psychosoma (astral body) caused corresponding lesions in her physical brain.

Moreover, her mother – a lady of many merits – has been praying constantly on her behalf, and her prayers have mobilized the assistance of several higher extraphysical helpers.

The cause of Esther’s madness is an intruder subjugation that will drive her to irreversible schizophrenia if Divine Help does not come to her rescue immediately.

Although the Divine Law is one of perfect Justice, it does not exclude God’s Mercy which can be reached by anyone who asks for it through prayer. Special mechanisms in Higher Spheres pick up its vibrations and change them into some sort of response which is, then, sent back to the Earth plane. In this universe of vibrations and continuous interchange, no call for help goes unanswered.

NBBut, considering the helpful resources at hand together with the good hearts that are mobilizing their own consciential achievements to intercede for her, her karmic maps will be altered, making it possible for her to attain reparation by other means than constricting suffering caused by mental illness.

So, in order to answer our brothers’ prayers, the Lord uses us (the Higher Extraphysical Consciousnesses (clarification assistants, mentors, helpers), Andrew’s note) as a channel through which help will reach her.


Selfishness is indeed the major cause of innumerable moral disasters and suffering.

The intruder’s ties may last indefinitely unless the contenders arm themselves with Love.

Shine beyond the organic vessel imprisoning your consciousness.

When we walked in we still found a terrible miasma filling the air, and a pernicious, viscous substance derived from the negative extraphysical consciousness’ influence lingered about.

Always be free from self-importance, inferior passion and conceit. To the good labourer, the right compensation is assured. He who does an excellent work is consequently rewarded with inner peace and spiritual harmony.

Our errors are our collectors. When we forget them, they’ll lie in wait for the proper moment. For those who are intraphysical consciousnesses (incarnate), each living minute is a challenge. The warning “Watch and pray” needs constant attention.

Evil extraphysical consciousnesses swarm around the Earth, because of the moral inferiority of its inhabitants.

She looked much better, which is easy to understand; with Mathias (the intruding extraphysical consciousnesses) away from her, she was free from his unwholesome fluids and his negative telepathic control.

The conscientiotherapy used in the intrusion, the assistance to the intruder, and the new resolutions of the guilty participants in the past life drama, reflected positively on the family group, attenuating the pressure of the karmic elements over them. And the peace began to lodge in those souls, who were greatly indebted to Divine Laws, but had now begun to work out their redemption.

Poor Josepha, pressed by the disturbed minds of her intruders, could not sleep that night. Dona Abigail helped her with prayers and encouragement.

We have an intellectual intelligence, I.Q., an emotional intelligence, E.Q., and we also have a spiritual intelligence, S.Q.


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