Retroactive Healing

Prevention is better than cure. Work to stop something from happening is easier and better than having to try to resolve it later. It is better to try to keep a bad thing from happening than it is to fix the bad thing once it has happened. The same principle applies to the healing process.

An unusual alternative healing modality is suggested, in which healing intentions – in the form of direct mental interactions with biological systems – may act in a “backward”, time-displaced manner to influence probabilities of the initial occurrence of earlier “seed moments” in the development of illness or health. Because seed moments are more labile, freely variable, and flexible, as well as unusually sensitive to small influences, time-displaced healing pathways may be especially efficacious. This is supported by a review of a substantial database of well-controlled laboratory experiments.


Virtually all medical and psychological treatments and interventions – conventional as well as complementary and alternative – are assumed to act in present time on present, already well-established conditions.


There exists a substantial experimental database for concurrent direct mental influences, or what might be called mind-over-matter effects. Careful laboratory research, conducted from the 1920s until now, has yielded evidence consistent with the conclusion that people are able to influence biological systems by intending, willing, imagining, visualizing, or “wishing for” desired outcomes. These outcomes occur when the human influencers are at a distance from the target systems and the targets are effectively shielded from all conventional informational and energetic influences. Taken together, these studies provide a sound empirical foundation for considerations of the “mechanisms”, implications, and possible practical applications of what has been called mental or spiritual healing.


In 1971 a physicist Helmut Schmidt inspired by paradoxical phenomena within quantum theory, conducted studies whether direct mental influences might occur in a time-displaced or “backward-acting” manner. He found that the likelihood or strength of time-displaced influences did not differ appreciably from that of real-time or concurrent influences.

NBAdditionally, the influence of the present by the future is, of course, formally identical to the influence of the past by the present. So, mentally influencing the future, we change our present. Hmmm, that’s interesting. Talk of positive thinking.


With the above considerations and findings as a preface, we come now to the heart of this web page: the direct mental influence of “past” biological activities by intentions active in the “present”. So, is it possible to influence pre-recorded bur previously unobserved biological activities through a time-displaced, retroactive mental influence process?

NBNBNBIn all studies of time-displaced (“backward”) direct mental influence of living systems reviewed, what is observed is a strong correlation between the occurrence of certain events in a (past) data stream and the occurrence of (future) intentions.

Because there is no obvious connection between the pre-recorded events and the random process that determines the sequence of later intentional aims (the intervention), and because changes in pre-recorded events do not take place in the absence of the later intentional (intervention) aims (as confirmed through direct comparisons with non-influence, control periods), a claim for a form of “causation” or “influence” of the events of the past by the intentions (beyond mere correlation) seems justified.



What comes to mind after reading this – is A Christmas Carol (Doctor Who) episode (was broadcast on 25 December 2010) where the Doctor is attempting to alter Kazran Sardick’s past and make him kinder in the present so he will save the spaceship. Kazran is a man who can control the cloud layer, where a space liner with more than four thousand people on board is crashing, but initially refuses to help.

In 1998, Radin et al. reported an experiment in which biological systems measures were successfully influenced by influencers who were distant from the target activities in space (6000 miles) and time (2 months). The to-be-influenced biological activity records were produced in Las Vegas, Nevada, and were stored and remained unobserved until they were influenced 2 months later by healers located in Brazil.

The effectiveness of retroactive mental influence may depend on the simultaneous presence of a complex and interactive set of physical, physiological, psychological, and even social and cultural factors. If all requisite ingredients of such a complex recipe are not present, or present in insufficient degrees, the effect may not be very noticeable. The nonlocal or field-like nature of these phenomena suggests that critical variables may reside not only in the immediate influencers, influencees, and target systems, but may also be present in other people or situations that are spatially and temporally removed from the specific situation but meaningfully connected with the experiment.

NBTwo of the most crucial variables may be the potential for free variability in the target system and the fullness of the intentions of the influencers (the presence of a strong need being one guarantee of strong intentions).


NBThe results of the experiments reviewed suggest that is possible for people to exert direct mental influences “into the PAST” to influence the preoccurring and prerecorded activities of biological systems. It’s probably how healing miracles happen (the last sentence is my comment, Andrew).

Once an event has occurred, it remains so; it does not “un-occur” or change from its initial form. It appears, instead, that the intentions, wishes, or other “efforts” influence what happens (or happened) in the first place. To clarify this interpretation even further, the time-displaced direct mental intervention could be said to “change” what would have happened, but does not change what did happen. The present or future intentions seem to act on the initial probabilities of occurrence of the events and help determine which events initially come into being (i.e., which of several potential events are actualized). The process appears to act most efficiently on the seed moments or originations of events. Such stages would seem to be more labile, flexible, sensitive, or susceptible to influences of all kinds, including these direct mental influences.

It looks like the findings uncovered in these laboratory experiments are indicative of general principles, and these principles might be applied practically in the service of physical and mental health, and psychological well-being.



Future intentions may have real influences on present seed moments or origination stages of healthful or harmful bodily events or symptoms in the present, and present intentions may have real influences on past seed moments or origination stages of healthful or harmful bodily events or symptoms in the past. Such effects would be most likely to occur in cases of seed moments that are characterized by randomness or free variability.

In principle, if intentions (i.e., holothosenes, aka thought-forms) may act directly on a biological structure influencing it in “real time”, the same actions could also cause the same effect in a time-displaced fashion. Intentional consequences are not locally confined, but occur nonlocally (in time and space). If these nonlocal intentions are aligned with aims or goals of health and wholeness, active intentions can be directed in the present or especially into the past to promote biological and psychological seed moments favorable to physical and psychological health and well-being.

When a patient appears in the medical office with a particular malady, we tend to think that the curing or beating of this condition involves using our armamentarium of conventional and unconventional treatments and interventions to slowly and progressively correct that malady in the present. We believe we should use our tools to chop away and gradually destroy an undesired condition that is already well established – working on what now exists, a system with great momentum and inertia. In addition to such real-time therapeutic influences, the findings reviewed on this web page suggest an alternative healing pathway.


Along with such real-time effects that are often taken for granted, it is possible that our healing intentions may be acting “backward in time” to influence the initial seed moments of the development of the malady that confronts us today. Such an alternative healing pathway or process might be a more effective and efficient one – an “easier” one, because it would be influencing a system at a more labile, flexible, sensitive, and susceptible stage in its development and progression. If such a process could act early and thoroughly enough, it might actually prevent the development of harmful physical or psychological processes. This would constitute an instance of true preventive medicine. Time-displaced healing modalities might actually have important advantages over real-time healing modalities.




Preobservations of the living systems during the interval between the initial seed moments of the development of the illness and influence attempt may influence the fate of the initial events (i.e., their susceptibility to later direct mental influence).

If certain to-be-influenced events are strongly observed (with an intense and meaningful density of attention) during the intervening period, those events may no longer be susceptible to later direct mental influence.

It is as though prior observation itself establishes or concretizes the reality of the observed events, “locking them in” and making them no longer susceptible to subsequent mental influence. The outcomes in which time-displaced mental influence effects may be “blocked” by prior observations are consistent with certain interpretations of the role of human and other observations or measurements in the “collapse of the state vector” in quantum systems.

The nature of the diagnostic observation could be crucial in determining its effects. Strong, clear, unambiguous diagnostic tests or measurements that are viewed by multiple observers might yield outcomes quite different from ambiguous diagnostic measures witnessed under conditions of minimal density, intensity of attention, awareness, or by only a single diagnostician. The ambiguous nature of the first diagnostic preobservation may allow subsequent time-displaced mental influences to be effective.

There are several ways to deal with the aforementioned observer effect issue (their adequate consideration would take us beyond the scope of this web page, so we’ll do it either in the other place on this website, or return here in the future). For now, just to start.

  1. Facts of life tell us that practical retroactive healing is possible (e.g., research done by reputable scientists in the University hospital using randomised controlled trial, when the time-backward intervention was performed 4-10 years after the initial bloodstream infection). These experiments show that curative retroactive mental influence actually works (despite of the observer effect). You can view and download the official paper (British Medical Journal, BMJ, VOLUME 323, 22–29 DECEMBER 2001, PP. 1450–1451, about this research here – retroactive healing influence.




Note that the presenting condition at time T3 could be on any of the 4 curves and, based only on information available at time T3, one cannot know which curve actually may be in effect. It is possible that healing intentions generated at time T3 might retroactively influence which of a family of possible curves is actualized at time T2 – the common seed moment for several possible progression/outcome curves.

In fact, every moment in the development of healthful or harmful conditions can be conceived as a “seed moment” for future progressions of those conditions.



As such, every moment of the development or progression of a health condition may be susceptible to both concurrent conventional and complementary and alternative influences as well as possible time-displaced influences of the types proposed on this web page. The latter are suggested as adjunctive and not necessarily exclusive influence pathways or possibilities.

And more… We see distant healing under the illusion that the healer is separate from the patient. However, the healer is inside the same “region” of reality, and even more, is identical to the patient. The correlations are already there and we happened upon a formalized way of detecting it.

The many “shadows” from the same object (“Oneness”) we see as different people, are simply projections of a more comprehensive reality residing beyond our usual worldview. It is as though we are truly flatlanders, attempting to study higher- or other dimensional phenomena, but we are limited to the tools that were developed in flatland. Retroactive healing is one of the new tools suitable to those other dimensions.

How can I influence my own past to change my present and future (improve health, relationships, reduce suffering)?

emma-watsonThere are many ways. Just to give you an idea of one of them, I posted an audio file here. By influencing your own past you improve not only your own future but the future of all people around you, especially of those who were in contact with you in the past (e.g., family members). The following audio will help you to target all “seed moments” (both bad and good) of your past (intraphysical and extraphysical, aka in your current and all past lives) in a beneficial way. Use this recording the same way as you would use any mantra. Audio transcript: SINCE MY CREATION AS CONSCIOUSNESS, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN COSMOETHICAL.

Cosmoethics, or the advanced ethics, are a more absolute, universal code of conduct that transcend the subjectivity of religions, politics, cultures, countries, continents, planets and dimensions, and are therefore applicable and appropriate in all circumstances, everywhere we go. Definition of cosmoethical: of or relating to cosmoethics.

emma-watsonIf you want to help your whole family, you can use this recording as a sample. Audio transcript: ALL MY FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN COSMOETHICAL.

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