What can be done to persuade an intruder(s) (a cosmoethically mutilated or conscientialy impaired earthbound extraphysical consciousness(es)) to leave a patient, and to fully recover patient’s perfect mental health once and for all?


It is the conscience, which is cognizant, disarranges the complex mechanisms of the unbalanced mind, which only expunging pain can recompose.

We encourage the habit of reading and reflection on the content of the following rules as a way to change the pattern of negative thoughts and cultivate positive thoughts and a healthy lifestyle, that will force the intruder to leave the patient (everything in the list below that applies to a patient, also equally applies to all people helping him or her – family members, friends, etc.). By extension, one may also apply them on behalf of other ailing people when necessary. For ease of reading the pronoun “he” is referencing a non-specified gender (so “he” = “he/she”). Also, religion based approaches (including their terminology) that showed their effectiveness in healing mental disorders, are included here.

  1. The essential element for the treatment of mental disorders is a beneficial change in the patient’s behavior, stemming from moral growth (virtuous life), aiming for a higher level of cosmoethics. This search for virtue should be brought about by a real desire for growth and development and not by mechanisms of repression.
    The results one achieves through personal transformation are the cultivation of noble ideals, forgiveness, humility, patience, faith, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, self-awareness, and a stronger connection to consciential guidance and inner wisdom.
    A higher cosmoethical condition promotes the state of being healthy. The patient’s moral resistance, his habits, his cosmoethical merits or demerits work as attenuating or aggravating agents.
    The patient must be made aware of the need for a total consciential renewal. The treatment should, then, be directed from the inside out and the person should be advised to look for cosmoethical education and enlightenment so that he may become conscious of his individual responsibilities. The work towards self-illumination and the effort to keep a mental balance through constant positive thoughts would be enough to rid a patient of the presence of the inferior earthbound extraphysical consciousnesses that harass him.
    A debt lasts until it is paid. When the debtor conscientiously devotes himself to self renewal, modifying his mental outlook through constructive reading, meditation, prayers, and dedicates himself to serve his fellow men, arrangements are made by the higher extraphysical consciousnesses responsible for his intraphysical rebirth (reincarnation) and significant alterations are made in his karmic records. This results in beneficent changes in the individual mental difficulties inherent in his personal probational circle.
  2. The foundation of family members’ helping work is immeasurable love. Love can succeed where other means fail. Love never fails. When treating mentally deranged patients, love should be listed among the most precious therapies. Treated with love, the mentally ill achieve remarkable recoveries. Love is the essential component of any therapy and of vital importance in any circumstance. It often succeeds where drugs fail, because it helps to reveal the invisible causes and consequences involved.
    All family members helping a patient must live in harmony, which is cemented through practice of mutual cordiality. They should kindly help one another in everyday life. They must always watch their thoughts and emotions in order to preserve a well-balanced mental atmosphere. Meditation and self-analysis are helpful. Healthy moral behavior helps keep the mental vibrations free from noxious influences of intruding extraphysical consciousnesses that constantly attack each family member who tries to help a patient.
    The task demands concentration, patience, and affection in an atmosphere of mental alertness and prayer. Do not be a victim of hypnosis from inferior extraphysical consciousnesses, or give yourself up to mental deviations through inferior thinking which you might used to and seem to enjoy. Concentrate on higher ideas and noble thoughts. Such service requires of everybody a considerable amount of patience, love, and wisdom.
    Always have confidence, good physical and moral disposition. The environment where a patient lives must be cleansed of negative vibrations and inferior thought forms the family members may have carried along during the day.
    And remember, love can change any behavior, especially when spontaneously offered in gestures of sympathy, cordiality and joy.
  3. Daily prayers (they invoke the high level extraphysical assistance) for the patient’s well-being with the goal of providing wholesome energy. The prayers offered on patient’s behalf create around the patient an invisible protective net which neutralizes part of the most pernicious interference of the intruder’s powerful mind. The patient’s consciential energies that had been consumed by the intruder will be being replaced by those coming from the higher extraphysical dimensions.

    Specific prayers for consciential protection. It is through prayer that man obtains the assistance of the good extraphysical consciousnesses who come running to sustain him in his good resolutions and inspire wholesome ideas … By these means he can also turn away from himself all the evil which he attracts through his faults, whilst absorbing renovating substances for his own well-being from the extraphysical dimension.

    Prayer can be represented by an unmanifested desire, inner longings or spoken petitions (the last one is a form traditionally used by religions), whether originating in the higher realms or emanating from the deep valley of disturbed human passions. The prayer can be anxious, wordless, pleading, and it always creates a blanket of positive vibrations around the people involved. No petition to the higher extraphysical dimension (God, Heavens, saints in human words) goes unanswered. Intercessory prayer is, strictly speaking, the starting point of all good extraphysical consciousnesses activities.

  4. Among others, a special psychotherapy stands out. It recommends the repetition of idealistic phrases, optimistic self-suggestion, interiorization by means of prayer and meditation in the service of love to others, and self-love. In this manner, the future becomes present, and soon past. Moreover, there will be no signs of insecurity or destructive vagueness once it is enriched by the pleasant proposals of successful perspectives that will become a reality.

  5. One has to fervently desire health accompanied by uplifting, achievable goals. It is well-advised to visualize health and embody it, concentrate on it.
    One should focus on a vision of health, projecting oneself forward in time experiencing equilibrium; one should see oneself as healed, assuming responsibilities and developing activities that one wishes to get involved in.
    This mental projection restructures the dynamics of the affected subtle bodies (energosoma, psychosoma and mentalsoma) and restores their fields, which results in health, harmony and enthusiasm.
  6. Purification of the mental atmosphere forces the undesirable invisible guests out of the house, where they no longer feel comfortable. But any emotional imbalance in the house will disturb a patient and in return affect all family members, and also will draw the inferior extraphysical consciousnesses back to the house. All the home activities must run smoothly, within a harmonious consciential atmosphere.
  7. Deintrusion (extraphysical consciousness release therapy), practiced by highly trained extraphysical experts (aka mediums), where the experts act to avert negative anticosmoethical influences on the patients.
  8. Laying-on of hands over someone else’s head or body (aka spiritist “passés”, spiritual magnetization, energy passes, magnetic passes, etc.). Laying-on of hands is a positive transmission of energy from one person to another, with the goal of restoring balance or health to the receiver.
  9. Blessed (magnetized) water (from the church or by spiritual magnetization). The “magnetized” water is simple bottled water that was infused with positive, healing energy through prayer said by a cosmoethically advanced person, healer, medium, priest, family member, etc.
  10. Past intraphysical existences therapies utilize hypnosis (superficial depending on the case) to lead the patient to remember of acts that were crystallized in his/her unconscious which left deep marks in the being and generate conflicts and disturbances. Thus, regression therapy is a good resource for this purpose.
  11. Knowledge of ‘principles’, which enables family members to develop a perfect understanding through which problems and difficulties encountered can be properly solved.
  12. Religion. Based on the patient’s original religion it could be Gospel study meetings, group discussions, etc. Meditation.
  13. Charity work to reinforce the practice of compassion. Charitable activities to benefit others (such as giving help to others who are suffering). Unpaid volunteer work. It helps a patient feel the beneficial energetic and sacrificing spirit of his or her volunteer crew, and grow cosmoethically.
  14. Beneficial fellowship, improving relationships.
  15. Making lifestyle changes for avoiding forms of socializing that are exacerbating patient’s imbalance.
  16. A supervised program of supplements of vitamins and minerals. Orthomolecular medicine.
  17. Chanting healing mantras. Meditation.
  18. Medical intuition (extraphysical experts’ (aka mediums’) intuitive input and interventions, consciential guidance).
  19. Studies of cosmoethics (for consciential growth). Library of books with cosmoethical themes. Reading and discussing passages. Study groups. The passages should address comforting issues and inspire the patient towards ideas of forgiveness, hope, and cosmoethical growth to effect a positive future. Read uplifting passages from our website or other edifying works in order to renew yourself emotionally.
  20. Fraternal services (counseling), offered to patients and family members whenever needed. Volunteers’ visits to the patient (called “fraternal visits” or “fraternal counseling”).
  21. Decongestion of patient’s energy centers (chakras, there is app. 88,000 chakras in the human body) from dark, unruly energies. ‘Magnetic’ therapy (chakra cleansing and energy transmission). The vibrational state (VS) and the Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation (VELO), also know as the Closed Circuit of Energies.
  22. Music therapy sessions. Listen to enriching music that leads you to recall pleasant memories or to make exciting plans. Listening (better to chant directing energy towards a patient) to healing mantras.
  23. Special television programs.
  24. Audio / Video (peaceful music, prayer, or inspired talks).
  25. Practice of physical exercises (e.g. bicycle riding, yoga, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and gymnastics). Contact with nature (ocean, sea, and countryside are the best places).
  26. Occupational therapy. Encouragement of meaningful social interaction of patients, trying to place them and encourage their participation in areas of culture, leisure, and community activities to assist them to integrate into society. This kind of work is carried out by the family members (also by occupational therapists and social workers) in discussion groups, tours to the zoo, museums, and good musical performances.
  27. Meetings of extraphysical experts (communicators) (aka mediums).
  28. “Healing at a distance” treatments. Extraphysical experts’ (communicators’) meetings for deintrusion are conducted but patients are not present, even when one is the subject of the meeting.
  29. An environment that lowers the level of stress and offers comfort, encouragement, and hope can provide a better condition for recovery.
  30. A daily job that serves as therapy.
  31. Help a patient to reach new resolutions in life, removing all uncertainty and doubts about his/her own possibilities. While the individual is not conscious of his own possibilities, he stuns himself in destructive conflicts, or runs away into striking depressive states, diving into psychoses of various orders that dominate him and make his own evolution momentarily impracticable.

As one continues on this path, the original causes of mental illness can dissolve; negative or intruding extraphysical consciousnesses will then no longer be able to gain hold of the person.


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