We sense ourselves as bodies because we do not perceive our souls (aka spirits, etc.). The spirits have many consecutive existences, each time in a new physical body until they are purified. It explains why some people are born with disabilities and others with so many virtues.

Why do we have to reincarnate? Because in one lifetime, we cannot achieve perfection (look at yourself), therefore, we need the trial of a new existence. Someday, we will achieve relative perfection, for only the Creator is absolute perfection.

Cases of physical deformities, accidents, abandonment, infertility, incurable disease, misery, madness, etc., all have their origin in the past and the Creator’s justice can be seen at work.

Everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen to each of us, everything both good and bad, is predestined and sent to us by the Creator. And there can be no other frame of mind, mood, or external circumstances better suited or more beneficial to our progress than our present circumstances, however hopeless or dismal they may seem. Moreover, all the acts of the Creator, the ultimate goal of creation and all His actions, irrespective of the way we see them, are formed on the basis of this absolute and constant love.


In order for us to progress to the goal specified by the Creator, He sends us suffering and failure, both physical and spiritual, through our surroundings, family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. We are obligated to consider everything that happens to us as if it were a trial from Above. Suffering directs a person to a path that otherwise would not be chosen if one were to follow the ego.

It is impossible to feel joy over the blows one receives unless one realizes their necessity and immense value; then, every blow can be taken as medicine. However, we should never agree to the path of suffering, even if we are certain that the suffering is being sent by the Creator; and even if we firmly believe that everything that is sent by the Creator is sent for our benefit.

The path of suffering (e. g., mental illness) awaits us only if there is no other way to prompt us to reach perfection. Every person should voluntarily strive to radically shorten the path and the time for self-correction, otherwise involuntarily one will be forced to accept the path of suffering in order to arrive at the same destination. A person who wants to grow further, to come alive spiritually, to make spiritual strides independently, refuses to blindly follow others, but moves forward irrespective of the opinion of others, or the habits or education of society.


Regardless of the direct cause of a mental disorder (inborn genetic predisposition, stress or a history of abuse, especially if they happen in childhood, chemical imbalances in the brain, a traumatic brain injury, a mother’s exposure to viruses or toxic chemicals while pregnant, use of alcohol or recreational drugs, having few friends, and feeling lonely or isolated, and also obsession (intrusion) by the inferior invisible spirits, etc.), the cure is the only one – absolute altruism, and nothing more.

People surrounding a patient (family, friends, etc.) also alter the psychosphere around him/her, improving or worsen the patient’s condition, sometimes in a very dramatic way.

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