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Iam excited to announce that my latest book, Spirit Talking?.. It’s Very Simple! , 268 pages, was released on Amazon in June 2024! The idea for this book originated from one of my patent applications. You can see the cover below. My pen name is Christopher Rey.

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This one-of-a-kind book is packed with solid scientific evidence, obtained firsthand by the author through his practical experiments, that proves the existence of consciousness even after our physical bodies cease to exist. The techniques shared here are simple and don’t demand any special talents or extraordinary skills. So, rest assured, you can definitely achieve them!

Discover the proof of telepathy between humans and plants and learn about telepathic communication between incarnate and discarnate spirits. Explore the new ways to connect with discarnate spirits through yes/no questions and conditioned reflexes. Learn how to activate the “third eye,” or partially dormant pineal gland, with a magnet. Find out about a telepathic lie detector that is cheat-proof. See the unique astral goggles created by the author.

You also find in this book a brief overview of some fascinating experiments, all conducted by the author, that have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the world and offer new possibilities for curing diseases like cancer. These investigations could completely reshape our existing paradigms and open up exciting avenues for scientific advancements.

Among the experiments are the elixir of life, the “mirror effect” therapy for cancer treatment, the rejuvenation chamber, the healing coil, the retroactive healing device, the Hieronymus machine, the symbolic Hieronymus machine, the manifesting machine, the Kirlian device unbelievable photographs, the sun’s messages for water, the healing light device, and numerous others.

NASA and seriality. Learn how the heartbreaking Space Shuttle disasters of Challenger and Columbia may have been avoided.

Additionally, the writer provides answers to the following questions:

  • Is there a miracle remedy that works for everything? A panacea?
  • Have you ever come across a simple method to demonstrate the existence of telepathy between people?
  • What primary method does God employ to stimulate one’s spiritual evolution?
  • What is the fastest way to purify the psychic atmosphere (psychosphere) at home?
  • Is it possible that our reality resembles the concept of a Matrix, similar to what we saw in “The Matrix” (1999) movie?
  • I am looking for a reliable medium in Canada that can provide a truthful reading – any suggestions?
  • Did you start seeing the invisible spirits using a magnet for activation of the “third eye”?
  • … and many others

Discover the fascinating world of Kirlian photography and witness the incredible reaction of water when the author showed it an image of the devastating Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

You can find additional information about this book on the author’s website:

Available at Amazon Spirit Talking?.. It’s Very Simple!

My other book, Haiku Poems About I Am is now up for grabs on Amazon! I have always been a fan of haiku poetry and have immense respect for the renowned haiku writers of the past. This book was actually inspired by my benevolent spirit from the spiritual realm. As a medium, I decided to type these haiku poems using the Windows Notepad program instead of the traditional pen. Of course, I also put in some effort into editing them.