Congruity of the Qualities

We can attain absolute altruism by emulating the Creator in our thoughts, desires, and efforts. Our degree of altruism (and everything good that altruism brings into our life) will be proportional to the degree of congruence between our qualities and those of the Creator.

Also, when we perceive the spiritual (the Creator), regardless of our will, our egoistic qualities are changed into altruistic ones, that is, into the qualities of the Creator. Two objects can perceive each other only to the degree to which their qualities coincide. Thus, an individual possessing the qualities of the Creator would simply be immersed in the unbounded ocean of pleasure and complete knowledge.

Angel-iconDoes “Serving the Creator” mean becoming like Him?

Yes, but just to start “serving” the Creator is possible only for those who have a “point in the heart” (a part of the Creator from Above, the embryo of the spirit/soul, through which man starts to feel the Creator) awaken. A person must expand this point and fill it with the Creator, turning man into a vessel that contains the Creator. It can be made possible only by likening one’s properties to those of the Creator, matching one’s intentions with His. As He gives to me, so I give to Him. This is the meaning of “serving the Creator.” The greater the resemblance, the more one feels the Creator. It is called “sensing the Higher World.”

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The first act toward attaining identical characteristics is the restriction. We need to imitate a concealment of the Creator’s Light from above and infiltrate it into our souls. This triggers the manifestation of absolute altruism.


  1. Everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen to each of us, everything both good and bad, is predestined and sent to us by the Creator
  2. Suffering directs a person to a path that otherwise would not be chosen if one were to follow the ego
  3. An absolutely righteous person is the one who justifies all actions of the Creator, both towards self and towards all other creations. Thus, anything that happens, happens for the good


  1. It is no longer, “He who has the most toys wins,” but, “He who is able to share his toys and enjoy watching others playing with them, wins”
  2. We must truly appreciate the greatness and grandeur of the spiritual, as compared to our pitiful, material, temporary existence
  3. We are obligated to consider EVERYTHING that happens to us as if it were a TRIAL from Above
  4. Our goal in life, as well as the purpose of creation, is to create in ourselves the right conditions for the Divine to dwell within us


  1. All the events we experience in our lives are actually messages from the Creator. In response, we must clearly grasp what the Creator expects of us and act immediately in this direction
  2. For a man “life” means adhesion with the attributes of the Creator. It’s the difference between “life” of a man and “life” of a beast
  3. Under all possible circumstances, do the right for the right’s sake, even against your apparent earthly interest, always choose the utterly unselfish course of action, and forget yourself in your love for the world
  4. There can be no other frame of mind, mood, or external circumstances better suited or more beneficial to our progress than our present circumstances, however hopeless or dismal they may seem


Angel-iconIs there a particular system that can help to achieve in practice a congruence of qualities between a person and the Creator?

There are some, of course. One of the most effective is called “The Tree of Life”. You can read about it here (click the button below):

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