First things first. It is said that the family members that live with the mentally ill suffer much more than the patient himself/herself. This is not true. They suffer because they need to evolve since they bear a share of responsibility in the problem they are now meeting. And why is that, why do they share?

Since spirits (incarnate – temporarily immersed in matter, and discarnate) are bound together in a family group by their mutual necessity of evolution and reciprocal need for readjustment, those who surround the patient are strongly connected with the predisposing circumstances – if not personally responsible for the involved spirits’ past failures – and who were now summoned to cooperate in the settlement of all accounts, from previous reincarnations to the current day.

You see, there is no patient and his/her loved ones. They are all patients. They must be cured as a group, there is no other way out of it. Each group member’s spiritual progress will benefit the group as a whole, including the so-called “patient.”

The patient’s family members must therefore do their best to help the patient to develop his/her altruistic desires and qualities, and also (and it matters not less) they must develop complete altruism in themselves consequently. It’s the cure.


This is why it is vital under any circumstances that the patient’s family be strongly advised as to its own responsibilities concerning the situation.

The patient’s family members must be selfless workers who can ignore fatigue, sadness and discouragement.

They, sanctified by sacrifice and suffering, are bearers of the divine love filled with renewing power.

Each of them, the untiring walker, ignored but always serving, humiliated yet courageous, persecuted but undisturbed, converting his/her sentiments into channels of love, will meet the highest success.

Even when born with mental limitations, tormented by emotional disorders, the little one becomes a crucified angel in the woodshed of suffering, in need of care, assistance and education. The love of the parents is that child’s guiding light at the end of a tunnel of afflictions, pointing the way towards the liberating exit.

When the shadows seem to get darker, and hope, like a flickering candle, is slowly waning, a beam of the divine light shows a new way.

Angel-iconPlease remember one more thing (take it seriously – however strange it might seem to you).

Sage says: “Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, relatives and friends, please read prayers for psychic protection of your loved ones.”

The invisible discarnate helpers are around us all the time.

In the picture above (click it to see what the human eye sees), the higher discarnate spirits administer energies around the most important regions of the girl’s body, including the invisible counterparts of her brain and heart, for several minutes before progressing to longitudinal passes meant to calm her nerves.

All family members must keep in mind that when inspired by lofty purposes of helping their loved ones, they also must defend themselves against attacks from the inferior forces (discarnate obsessing spirits) – whatever form they may take. Any problem the family members may come across (provocative situations, emotions, etc.) must not disturb or discourage them.

It includes a patient, who also must be protected from provoking in him/her anxious or depressive states, feelings of uselessness or distrust, or uneasiness, which when expressed cyclically and, in the long run, are transformed into neuroses, psychoses, and mental disturbances. And remember: your important decisions usually ask for much toil and labour before they materialize.

When patient and his/her relatives start to fight their way up, their effort to ascend creates a positive, healthful aura around them that makes it easier for the benevolent discarnate spirits (helpers) to help them (see the image above).

If you become a spiritually sound individual, you can help your loved ones by sending forth a steady stream of health-preserving energy that radiates in all directions and interplays with the divine vibrations: life’s essential cause.

A few words again about what the family really is. A family group is not a casual encounter of random spirits; rather extensive planning is done in the spiritual dimensions before the organic rebirth of those spirits with mutual commitments. We do not live in the ‘ideal family’ we wish for, growing up with noble and wise incarnate spirits surrounding us. Instead, we come to a group in which our own evolutionary needs are addressed.