Wisdom of Yoda

This timeless Yoda wisdom will awaken the Force (the Self, the real and infinite you) within the currently little and sleeping you.

yoda-star-wars-iconMaster Yoda, do we live after death?

Always changing, knowledge and experience are. Knowing or being aware never changes. Yes, hmmm.

yoda-star-wars-iconIf all the bodies (counted 7 or 9 in different sources) of a person (physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, etc. ) have been removed from him/her, does what is left from that person continue to experience that he/she is still alive?

Before awareness knows anything other than itself, aware of itself, awareness is. Such as a thought, anything is, feeling, sensation or perception. To be aware of itself, awareness’s nature is. And to be aware of itself, thus its primary experience is. Awareness itself, ‘I’ is. Yeesssssss.

yoda-star-wars-iconThe proper way of thinking, what is?

With good thoughts only occupy your mind, or fill them immediately with bad ones the enemy will. Unoccupied, be, they cannot be. Hmmmmmm.

yoda-star-wars-iconHow to use the Force for decision making?

Think without thinking, you can. Certain kind of intelligence connected with the Force, there is, which is more precise. Herh herh herh.

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