Awe-Inspiring Art

Awe-inspiring art always has an archetypal nature. It gives you a feeling of unusual energy, not from this world. This artistic feeling pierces through the entirely hidden aspect of things, and in so doing touches their secrets.

And now, enjoy the magical power of art.

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awe-inspiring art Ivan Eyre Plains Call 2010 I Will Always Love You Ansel Adams Winter Forest girl girls telescope Meade LX600 ACF – 12″ f/8 ocean water autumn Anne of Green Gables Octobers Lucy Maud Montgomery Doctor Who Sally Sparrow Blink David Tennant tenth doctor sad is happy for deep people Pushkin frost sunshine Aladdin Jasmine flying carpet princess prince Daniel F. Gerhartz Uncle Dan’s Easel

Apart from bare necessities, be afraid even to think of personal benefit and pleasure, for fear of once again experiencing the unbearable suffering brought about by personal interest.

 The Secret Doctrine