Angel-iconWhat is the source of the feeling of “awe” or “being awestruck”?

The source of “awe” is the Upper Light, eternal and perfect, coming from the Creator. But we cannot perceive it directly. Thus, we can only recognize it within the objects (physical or spiritual) we are attracted to, because the Upper Light is dressed in them. That way, we can receive the Light (by the feeling of “awe” or “being awestruck”) and enjoy it. The Upper Light is the best medicine for mental disorders. That Light can be given only when your attributes are the same as the One who gives the Light.




Angel-iconWho is the Creator?

God, Creator, Lord… Each upper degree is called “Creator” when relating to the degree below it, because the upper degree creates, controls, and develops the lower degree.
The Creator is a collective, special Force that monitors the whole system of creation. That Force is one and unique. The primary law of creation is the singularity of the Creator – the one and only power that controls everything.

To be, or not to be prince Hamlet William Shakespeare

All good books contain hidden Light, which emanates from the authors in the course of writing their books.

 The Secret Doctrine