Suffering Is Spiritual Gene Activation

What do your physical genes do? Your physical genes are inside cells in your physical body. Each physical gene contains instructions that tell your physical body how to build itself. The process of activation of each physical gene is expressed at a particular time. This process is crucial in physical growth and development. Very simple.

Our spiritual body survives the death of the physical body, from one reincarnation to another. The stages of its development are similar to those of the physical body: birth, infancy, the toddler years, childhood, puberty, older adolescence, adulthood, middle age, and the senior years. Many people living on the Earth right now are still in their spiritual infancy stage. The spiritual body also has its own “genes” for development. In different teachings, these spiritual genes are called differently (e. g., in Kabbalah, they are called Reshimot – the instructions on our gradual ascent; in Spiritism, their actions are well known, but no name was assigned to them yet; the same with Buddhism).


The spiritual genes are being activated, one by one, during all our sequential lives on the physical plane, including the current life on the Earth too. When the subsequent spiritual gene becomes active, the spiritually sensitive and developed individual begins to feel the point in the heart – the desire for something that is not yet understood, something not from this world, but above it.

If an individual has been fully corrected, it unites with the Creator. That unification is the goal assigned to us by the Creator, and ultimately is the final state of the universe. Any phenomenon that collides with our, in many cases subconscious, intention to reach this goal is regarded by us as suffering, a disturbance, an obstacle, etc. It is something similar to the well-known concept of karma.

When a spiritual gene is activated, it requires a specific change in our spiritual development. If this change does not happen in a reasonable time (mostly because we are ignorant, sleepy, and lazy), some kind of suffering usually comes into place. And it’s hard to ignore suffering, right?

We must understand that any suffering is, in fact, not an obstacle on our way to the goal described above, but we feel it as such, because our attributes are as yet not like the Creator’s.


In other words, the sensation of suffering or an obstacle indicates inner disturbances and lack of correction. The Creator relates to the entire creation with benevolence, without any preconditions. If we cannot feel the activation of the spiritual gene as good, and feel resistant, it is because we have an inner barrier, not an external disturbance.

Thus, there is no suffering apart from our own corrupted attributes. And if we can correct it, it will be yet next different spiritual gene activation toward the goal of creation. And life goes on…

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