Talking Discarnate

Considering the fact that mental powers are inherent to discarnate and incarnate alike (reader, please keep in mind the Backster effect), it is natural for the discarnate spirits to be able to mentally influence living things by altering their various physiological parameters (including the electrical ones). The electrical parameters of living things can be measured. The living things, in this case, act as a medium for communication between the two worlds, visible and invisible.



electrical circuitSome generic electrical circuit, nothing in particular (just for illustration).
According to the conditions of the problem, changings in some electrical values in some circuit are wanted to be measured; we denote it by the letter E. We show with a dotted arrow that the changing of electrical values in this circuit is difficult to produce by discarnate spirits, and we need to learn how to organize it for them:vepol
Let's write down the answer now. The mental influence of the discarnate spirit MD is introduced, which affects the electrical parameters of some plant EP, which, in turn, control E, enabling us to measure them:vepol
Let's connect "given" and "achieved" with a double arrow, it will replace the words "to solve the problem, you need to go to":

James Watt as a teenager observes the effect of the steam at a tea kettle. Wood engraving after a drawing by Walter Zweigle (German painter, 1859 - 1904), published in 1900.

There was some electrical parameter E, which did not lend itself well to direct action. We had to take a detour: we took a well-interacting pair "discarnate spirit's mental influence - plant" and combined it with the available electric circuit into a single system. One can also see the contradiction hidden in the conditions of the problem: the discarnate spirit must not act on E (there are no suitable known mechanisms) and must act on E (to control it).

The "triangle" of MD , EP and E received the name plantel (from the words "plant" and "telepathy"). There are, however, other fields and other objects/substances that work well in tandem with them.

This has been known since the beginning of time.


Using pendulum (yes-no mode, etc.)

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Under all possible circumstances, do the right for the right’s sake, even against your apparent earthly interest, always choose the utterly unselfish course of action, and forget yourself in your love for the world.

 Charles Webster Leadbeater